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Recycled Post: Writing Family

1176682The fun thing about writing about a family is coming up with quirky characters. ‘Cause who doesn’t love a quirky character? Now, whether or not you love the crazy nuts in your family tree is a different story all together.

The Shoes & Ties series follows the Brody Family, the twins Ashten and Jesse mostly.

Shoes & Ties was my very first novel (novella). When I started out, with absolutely no clue what I was doing, Ashten was a triplet, and he had two older brothers that were twins. Super realistic, right? After writing a bit… well, quite a lot actually, and then learning even more, I decided to make Ashten a twin and he had just one older brother.

Jesse, star of Lumber & Law, was my quirky character. I was never sure what he was going to say, but he had me laughing pretty much anytime he was in a scene. To this day he is still one of my favorite characters. The idea for his story didn’t come until I was almost completely done with S&T and I finished writing L&L before S&T was published.

Someday… and I stress SOMEDAY…I might just have to write a story for Thom (the twin’s dad) cause who doesn’t love him, amiright?



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