Book Review: Looking For Home, Aria Grace



Evan was heartbroken when Nick left him two years ago to live a party life. He focused on his job as a truck driver and put his own needs on the back burner.

Georgie is a favorite at Paddles, providing personal entertainment to anyone looking for a sexy femme boi.

When they meet at a party, it doesn’t seem like more than a superficial connection. Neither expect to find actual happiness from each other.


So, this is the first I have read in the More Than Friends series (it’s book 9) and while it can be read as a stand-alone, I may have been able to understand the secondary characters better if I had read the whole series.

I enjoyed a few things about this book,1). At no point did Georgie think he was too good for Evan because Evan was just a truck driver 2) At no point did Evan be-little Georgie’s interest in traditionally “feminine” things.

I love when we can skip over the “easy” conflict and move right to something real. This book did that.

All that being said, this book wasn’t really my cup of tea. It had an insta-love type of feel and we didn’t get to see their relationship evolve from acquaintances to serious relationship.

Bottom Line: It’s quick, it’s cute. It may leave you wanting more.


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