Book Review

Book Review: Steps To You, Toni Griffin


If you are looking for an action packed, drama heavy angst ridden story – go somewhere else.

This story is quiet, cute, and (SPOILER) tied up in a neat bow.

And guess what? I ENJOYED it!

The conflict is a bit of a stretch, but not completely beyond the realm of possibilities.

I felt like the first half of the story focused on a lot on details – the climbing of the bridge, the trip to the market, then suddenly those details got less and less.

What struck me as a bit odd, is I don’t think the author mentioned once what either of the MC’s do as a career…

Despite those details – I liked this book. It was a romance first and foremost. It had some curveballs that surprised me and (SPOILER) made me very sad. It tugged at the heart strings, which all good stories should do.

Bottom Line: Not every story has to be action packed and fast-paced. Sometimes we need to read about reality (or as close as the romance genre will get anyway ) For times like that – pick up this book.

Blurb: Fear Series: Book 1 (Amazon)

Is there something in life that you’re afraid of, like heart pounding, shortness of breath, Jesus Christ I’m going to pass out, scared? For Leo Harris that something is heights.

Why his nosy sister would gift him with a pass for the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is anybody’s guess, let alone expect Leo to make it through in one piece. If it wasn’t for the kindness of a sexy stranger he meets at orientation, Leo doubts he would have been able to step one foot onto the mammoth structure.

Ryan Anderson’s known as a workaholic, as he has no reason not to be, that all changes in one day when he meets Leo. Ryan quickly falls head over heels as he sets out to make Leo his.

Novel: 54,800 words


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