#ManLoveSunday Blog Hop-Up To Code Snippet

Welcome to the second #ManLoveSunday Blog Hop!

Please enjoy this snippet from my latest work in progress Up To Code


Brandon stared at me. My jaw moved. No words came out. No sound either, which I suppose was good. I could have squeaked.

“Are you-“He looked at the paper on the desk, “Greg Docimo?”

I nodded.

“Take a seat.”

Brandon’s office was a good size as far as offices go. Bigger than a cubical, but not quite as big as you might expect for the owner of a thriving business. The walls were a tinted glass, which provided him a good view of most of the people working in the open style layout of the office building.

His desk was large and cluttered with papers, a drafting table sat in the corner facing the window. His diploma and a few framed awards hung on the wall.

I looked around some more, trying to catch my breath and also clear my clouded thoughts. I wasn’t about to look directly at Brandon, my expression would give away my attraction.

“Taylor tells me you’re quite talented. You know a lot about computers or whatever.”

Oh Christ. That was a lot like me saying he knew a lot about nails since he was a builder.

“Yes, I, um, I have a, ah, degree in, um, Computer— “


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