#MMthirstythursday – Just A Week

We’re back for more of #MMthirstythursday

Let’s meet the characters of Just A Week:


One young man in particular stood out. Mostly because he had bright orange hair that spiked in every direction, possibly looking like it could impale a person if they were to touch it. Like a cactus. He also looked a bit older than the teenagers that surrounded him, which might explain why they all seemed to look up to him like he was a god.


I took my classes seriously, and I did really well. I had to. A degree in market research required dedication, most degrees did, and I was determined to be the best of the best. My plan required that I do well in school, so I could get an internship at a good, quality company, preferably on the East Coast. An internship would lead to an entry-level position. From there I would build the foundation of my career.


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