#MMthirstythursday – Just A Week


It’s only four more weeks until Just A Week hits the shelves… errr… sites.

Here’s a snippet to really get your blood pumping.


The distance was only a few inches, but it might as well have been five miles. Finally, his lips met mine. He tasted faintly of the sweet soda, but mostly he tasted like he smelled. Manly. Bold. Fantastic. Were those even flavors? I don’t know.

I lost my thoughts and drowned myself in the kiss. It started slow, taking me a minute to figure out that yes, this was really happening. Within a few moments I realized that I hadn’t moved, hadn’t breathed.

All at once I threw myself into the kiss. I put arms around him and pulled him closer to me, lip to lip, chest to chest. Our hearts beat in sync, and I wasn’t sure where I was, but I knew I wanted more. I needed more.


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