#ManLoveSaturday Snippet: Up To Code

Hello all! and welcome to the first ever #ManLoveSaturday

This is a quick snippet from my Nano Novel Up To Code:


“Mr. Docimo?” The receptionist raised her eyebrows at me from across the room. I stood and smoothed my suit. Judging by her jeans and t-shirt outfit, choosing to wear a suit may have been overkill.

“Mr. Surlin will see you now.”

I gave her a tight smiled even as my palms began to sweat and my heart raced. I had met the friendly Mr. Surlin Sr. about years ago, but I wasn’t interviewing with him. I was interviewing with his son, Brandon Surlin. And from what I could gather from my friends that worked for the man, he wasn’t easy to be around.

I nodded my thanks to the lady and opened the door to the office that she indicated.

With one deep breath and a quick step I crossed the threshold and came face to face with pure sex dressed as a six foot grown man with broad shoulders, slim hips, dirty blonde hair and piercing green eyes.

Holy hell.

I couldn’t form words. I never was good with people, least of all people I was attracted to. Not that that had happened in a while.  I would have to leave the housed in order to meet someone and I didn’t do that very often, unless it was for work. In those cases I kept it professional.

I wasn’t feeling very professional right now.