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Sexy Saturday – Oh My Mpreg #Ohmympreg


Hello and welcome to the first every Sexy Saturday Oh My Mpreg Blog Hop! #ohmympreg

This is a weekly hop where you can check in with your favorite authors, get some juicy behind the scenes gossip, and read steamy, sweet snippets from current WIPs, new releases, and more!

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I’m sharing a snippet from my current Work In Progress that will be out next week! It’s the sequel to Up To Code called Down to Earth. 

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I twirled the wedding band around in my hand, running my fingers over the smooth, silver metal. The ring had once belonged to my father and hopefully, someday it would belong to my mate.


My body heated at the thought of my mate, as it often did. I’d known for almost a decade now that Matt was my mate. Matt remained oblivious. My fist clenched instinctively. I couldn’t help but feel angry at Fate for showing me my mate before he was ready. I often wondered if he would ever be ready. Usually, it was a magical moment full of marvel and enlightenment. Eyes met, fireworks burst, and nature took its course. A mate bond was established, and the couple lived happily ever after. I’d never heard an Alpha recognizing his mate before their Omega.

Well, I’d heard of one instance. But those two were blissfully happily mated now. I wanted that for myself and Matt. In the last year, as I watched my brother settle down with his mate, I started to realize how lonely I was and how much I needed Matt at my side.


Writing Update

My Writing Plans/Goals

Now that I’m in the full swing of writing and publishing again, I just can’t stop!

I have a 5 novella Dragon mpreg series in the works (by “in the works”, I mean it’s completely in my head at this point)

Here are my goals throughout the end of the year – hold me accountable people!


  • Publish Down to Earth, sequel to Up to Code, featuring Everett & Matt


  • Publish: Alpha Doctor, short story
  • Finish Back to You, Victor & Charles story
  • Begin DRAGONS!


  • Publish: Back to You
  • Continue DRAGONS!


  • Publish Dragons book 1


  • Publish Dragons book 2


  • Publish Dragons book 3


  • Publish Dragons book 4
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Breaking into a New Genre

Since I’ve been on a small hiatus from writing, I’ve discovered a new love for all things mPreg.

So, naturally, I was attacked by an inordinate amount of mpreg plot bunnies. This summer I will have 4 mpreg novellas and at least 1 (hopefully more) mpreg short to release.

This first novella, Up To Code, will be available on June 5th.

The short story, Alpha Student, will be available on June 12th.

The next novella, Down to Earth (sequel to Up to Code), will be available in July.

Stay tuned for more ….


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Recycled Post: Writing Family

1176682The fun thing about writing about a family is coming up with quirky characters. ‘Cause who doesn’t love a quirky character? Now, whether or not you love the crazy nuts in your family tree is a different story all together.

The Shoes & Ties series follows the Brody Family, the twins Ashten and Jesse mostly.

Shoes & Ties was my very first novel (novella). When I started out, with absolutely no clue what I was doing, Ashten was a triplet, and he had two older brothers that were twins. Super realistic, right? After writing a bit… well, quite a lot actually, and then learning even more, I decided to make Ashten a twin and he had just one older brother.

Jesse, star of Lumber & Law, was my quirky character. I was never sure what he was going to say, but he had me laughing pretty much anytime he was in a scene. To this day he is still one of my favorite characters. The idea for his story didn’t come until I was almost completely done with S&T and I finished writing L&L before S&T was published.

Someday… and I stress SOMEDAY…I might just have to write a story for Thom (the twin’s dad) cause who doesn’t love him, amiright?